Our Team

Agata Weinholzner
UI Designer

Agata graduated with a Master of Engineering degree in landscape architecture and worked as a communication designer. At LambdaWerk she conceptualizes the information architecture and fashions the interaction between man and machine.

Evgeny Degtyarev
Software Developer

Evgeny graduated as an IT Engineer and got his start in the publishing industry. For the last seven years, his development work mostly centered around XML technologies. Skiing, snowboarding, and other cold-weather sports are Evgeny's favorite pastimes.

Fabian Otto
Head of IT Operations

Fabian always rides a bike and has a computer science degree from the Technische Universität Berlin. After years as developer, administrator, and leading DevOp for major enterprise, Fabian really can make sure that all LambdaWerk services are always available, around-the-clock and at any time.

Hans Hübner
Managing Director

Hans has three decades of experience as a software developer and development manager in European and US enterprises. Before joining LambdaWerk, he architected and implemented a new EDI subsystem for a multi-state Dental healthcare MCO in the US.

Jörg Teubert
QA Engineer

Jörg worked for 16 years with EDI for automotive and retail applications. He ensures that LambdaWerk data conversion and transformation technology works faultlessly in every conceivable scenario.

Liga Megne
Project Manager

Liga graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Engineering, and since then has worked as an Operations Manager for an international ERP software development house and a Marketing Consultant for a BI startup. She is a passionate sailor with a keen interest in good food and art.

Manuela Loaeza
Office Manager

Manuela brings a wealth of entrepreneurial and managerial skills to LambdaWerk; she is an enthusiastic proponent of leveraging technologies for increasing awareness. In her free time, Manuela is learning Ruby and developing a connectivity app.

Maria Neumann
Product Manager

Maria studied Information Systems and has a PhD in the field of Business Process Management. Bringing enthusiasm and admiration for structure and simplification, she helps the LambdaWerk team to establish efficient working procedures and organize product development process.

Max-Gerd Retzlaff
Head of Software Development

Max studied computer graphics and has expertise in both the implementation of art projects and in system administration. He brings his love for beauty on all levels to his work as a developer at LambdaWerk.

Miguel Gonzalez-Espi
System Administrator

Miguel is a system administrator and engineer with 18 years of experience in public and private sector, in three different countries and at a clinical research multinational. He relishes the lively variety of Berlin and the diversity of its people.

Vadim Konyaev
Technical Writer

Vadim has authored technical and educational content on subjects ranging from algorithmic trading to satellite navigation. He researches and writes documentation that enables non-technical users to understand and operate LambdaWerk software.

Volker Ullrich
Business Manager

Volker has worked in the film industry for over 25 years. He not only produced his own films but also worked as project manager for various other companies. He carries over his management skills to LambdaWerk.

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